All About Motorcycle Brands

In addition to the Japanese Big Four (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha), the list of top-selling motorcycle manufacturers includes companies based in Italy, the U.S., Austria, and the UK.

Honda’s motorcycle division sells more than 15 million motorcycles annually, which makes it world’s leading manufacturer. One of the factors driving the company’s sales is its popularity in Asian markets. Yet Honda also dominates in North America.

The Italian brand headquartered in Bologna manufactures motorcycles since 1935. Ducati is known for its powerful sport bikes. The company has a long and successful racing history, which started in 1951. Today it spends over 7% of its revenues on racing business. The brand belongs to Audi through its subsidiary Lamborghini.

Great 20th-21st century history and exhilarating riding experience give Harley-Davidson the status of the legend bike company. This brand is familiar almost to everybody, even those who have never ridden a bike in their lives.

Yamaha bikes are known for excellent performance, ride quality and comparatively easy handling. Yamaha is almost as successful as another famous Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Moreover, the number of dirt bikes it

How To Selecting An Auto Repair Shop

When a car breaks down, most customers just want to get back on the road soon without paying an extreme price. However, a little research and patience can go a long way in finding an auto repair shop. In fact, doing the due diligence now means that the next trip to the mechanic won’t be anytime soon.

Find the Best Local Options
There are a few advantages to finding an auto shop in the neighborhood. First, you can ask neighbors and friends for their personal recommendations and experiences. Local shops will value customer loyalty and trustworthiness because they depend on word of mouth to create new customers. Secondly, the car can be dropped off and picked up easily, hopefully avoiding the process of arranging rides to and from the store. Lastly, a strong connection to a neighborhood shop can result in fair pricing to keep the customer coming back.

Check Customer Reviews
Even if the auto repair services aren’t close by, or there are no referrals from friends and family, there are a variety of internet reviews sites worth checking. A lack of reviews online

How To Saving Your Fuel

We all love to complain about the price of fuel, and few of us understand the mysteries around the seemingly random increases and decreases in costs at the pump. There are things we can all do to improve our gas mileage, however, whether we drive a brand new car or an old beater. Take a look at these fuel saving tips and put some extra money in your pocket.

Tire Pressures

Get used to checking your tire pressures regularly, at least once a week. Under-inflated tires cause excessive rolling resistance which results in burning more fuel. Conversely, the right tire pressures will reduce rolling resistance and therefore use less fuel.

How heavy is your load?

It makes sense that if your vehicle is loaded down with stuff your car is going to have to work harder in order to run, which means that it will take more gas to operate. Obviously there will be times when this cannot be avoided. But there may be an accumulation of stuff in your car that doesn’t really need to be there all the time, such as sporting equipment or tire

Considered Walking When Your Car is in Shop

When you car has to visited the mechanic and you are out a car times like these can get you stressed. But instead of stressing out, why not walk? Walking has great health benefits and the fresh air is good for you. Now if you have to get to work and you work on the other side of town than by all means, find a car to take you there but if you need to bum around locally, than walking is a great option. Some of the benefits to being outdoors and walking include: helping you to lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, burn calories, control cholesterol and blood sugar and so much more. If you are going to be doing any length of walking you need to be sure that you have the correct type of walking shoes. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine not all shoes are created equal so when out shoe shopping be sure to focus on a walking shoes versus say running shoes. When you walk you put a lot of pressure on your foot so be sure that the shoe that you are looking at has plenty of

Between A Diesel And Gas Truck

Diesels from the mid 2000’s were noisy, they had obnoxious exhaust emissions, they vibrated and cost more money to build than a gas burning truck. Clearly they are made better today, but are they actually better than a gasoline engine? Each has their own good and bad points, and once again you will have to determine how and what you most use your truck for. Dodge Ram 1500 came out with the first ½ ton pickup in the US market with a diesel power option in 2013. Now we have the Chevy Colorado Canyon with a Duramax Diesel, and the Cummins powered 2016 Nissan Titan XD. It is rumored that Ford is testing a Lion V-6 powered F150 as an addition to their diesel lineup. So, you do have some options for a ½ ton, but I am going to focus on full size trucks for this information. The diesel engine is a more suitable choice if towing capacity is critical to your trucks’ operation due to the torque advantage.

Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline, which means less fuel is needed to generate the same power as gas, therefore offering the potential for a 30-35% fuel savings

Tips To Add Protection On Your Truck

A Bull bar is created not only to provide added style to the looks of your vehicle, but also to provide added protection. It shields the front end of your truck or SUV. It is attached just above the bumper to protect the vulnerable front end components of your vehicle from damage especially during road accidents. It also gives an off-road appearance to your vehicle.

It also serves as an extra padding to provide further safety. It is called in different names like bumper guards and grille guards. Putting a bull bar on your vehicle also provides better clearance and helps in protecting the grille area of the vehicle’s front end. It is necessary especially if you live in a place where wildlife is abundant and you just want to add protection to your vehicle in case any collision might happen. You’ll find bull bar brands in the market such as ARB, Romik, Westin, Rugged Ridge, and more. Choose a bull bar style that will complement the looks of your truck.

Great for off-road protection without limiting your truck’s capacity:

If you install it on the vehicle’s front end part, the billet grille, skid plates, and the undercarriage can be protected by

The Importance An Off-Road Bumper

A bumper is an essential part of any vehicle. It is created to provide safety especially on low-speed collisions. Although this part is not intended to prevent serious injuries, it is made to prevent physical damage to the vehicle. whether you own a car, SUV, Van, or even ATVs, bumper is designed to reduce damage for low-speed crash especially when parking your ride.

You can find different bumper products in the market that come in different designs and constructed using different materials. However, if you’re into off-roading, you have to get a more heavy-duty type which you can use for your off-roading needs. Jeep bumpers, for example, are available in various aftermarket brands and styles. You also have to consider the type of terrain you usually drive on with your vehicle. It is a great factor when upgrading parts for your ride.

1. For added safety

Bumpers are created to provide protection. It is a safety related equipment, but will not guarantee the safety of all passengers if impact happened more than 5mph.

You have to take note that installing bumpers for your ride will increase fuel cost because of added weight. There are lightweight bumpers available but mostly for replacement OE types

Tips For Your Truck during Winter

The average auto battery lasts 3-5 years depending on usage and your driving habits. If you know how to check the battery and replace spark plugs, do it before deep winter sets in. Check your cables for any loose fittings. You can do this with the engine off, and observe whether the cables slip free from the nodes. Don’t yank on them, but use more of a gentle firm tug. You can tighten the nuts easily as needed while you are at it to prevent loss of battery power when you need it the most. If you aren’t familiar or comfortable in these procedures, you will thank yourself for taking your truck to a mechanic when you have some time, rather than in an emergency situation when it’s below freezing weather.

Our hands and feet get dried dead skin with winter air, so check for signs of corrosion which is like white powder around the battery nodes or clamps. If getting a new battery isn’t practical right when you see this, you can clean these parts with a toothbrush using baking soda and water that you make a paste out of for this task. Simply loosen those cables, clean the

Why You Need Window Tint For Your Car

There are more than 250,000,000 cars in the United States today, and nearly 4,000,000 miles of road. With these numbers, it is safe to say that America has a love affair with the automobile. For many teenagers, the first time they drive a car is a major event in their lives that will be remembered for years to come. With this obsession with automobiles comes the desire to improve them, or tailor them to the owner’s specific desires. Drivers paint their cars new colors, install performance parts, new tires, and different seats. One of the easiest, and most versatile, additions that drivers can make to their auto is to add window tint. Here are four ways it can make any driving experience better.


Having darker glass makes it harder to see into the interior of a car. The privacy that it allows is the main reason that it is used in limousines. In a private auto, the privacy allows drivers to use their car to change or take a nap without worrying about being observed. It also makes a vehicle less likely to fall victim to a break-in. If a purse, laptop, or other valuables are left on a backseat,

Accessories That You Need on Used Cars

Used cars are ideal for teen drivers who are still learning how to navigate the roads safely. They offer lower insurance rates and are extremely affordable no matter your budget. After the automobile has been purchased, a young adult will want to add his or her own personal touches to make the car more unique. This can be done with a variety of accessories.

Wheel and Seat Covers

There is no shortage of wheel and seat covers on the market, and some companies will even customize them if requested. Teens can go with an ancient Aztec pattern if they have a love of history, or select a tie-dye pattern to reveal their creative side. There are animal prints for young drivers who have a favorite living creature, pink floral prints, and Mickey Mouse patterns for Disney fans.

Rear View Mirror Hangs

Most people think of a pair of fuzzy dice when they picture a rear view mirror, but there are plenty of other stylish pieces new drivers can order to spruce up their used cars. Dream catchers are colorful with their dangling feathers, while a monogram mirror hang personalizes the space with a person’s initials. How about a charm with a cute saying

All About Alloy Wheel

Alloys may just be the best thing since iron. The only difference is that a metal alloy will surely last you longer and can be tempered into a stronger material. But how exactly is an alloy wheel made?

The standard wheels are made up of magnesium and aluminium. The two materials merged together make a lighter and stronger wheel. The fact that the wheel is lighter makes the car more efficient as it does not have to carry an extra load on the tyres.

Making this alloy wheel requires a furnace heated to an incredible temperature, enough to melt down the two metals. Aluminium is the first element melted. The molten metal is poured into a mixer and gets argon gas added to it in order to remove all the hydrogen. By removing the hydrogen it becomes less porous. It is important to have no holes in the wheel as pressure applied on the wheel could cause the air bubble to crack through the metal. If this happens the driver of the car could be in a serious accident by losing control of the vehicle.

After the density is increased in the aluminium mixture, powdered metals are added. The powder includes titanium

Why You Need Oil Cooler Upgrade For Your Motorcycle

For many motorcycle owners, proper maintenance of their ride is a very important thing. A lot of motorcycle owners make the mistake of thinking that motorcycle engines overheat simply because of the ambient air temperature. Many think that an air-cooled engine will suffice in keeping the engine cool.

The truth is that these are not necessarily true. On one hand, you have to factor in the poor quality of fuel currently available in the market today. Additionally, your bike may need an air cooler upgrade.

There are numerous benefits when you upgrade you air cooler. As you know, it cools oil by using a heat exchanger strategically placed behind the fans. It facilitates the flow of the oil through its fins even when the fans are not activated. Now, when the temperature of the oil breaches the 220 degree Fahrenheit mark, the fans will activate to blow air through it.

The fans will continue to blow air until the oil temperature is lowered to 190 degrees. The oil cooler will continue to work whether your motorcycle is moving or not, ensuring that the oil maintains a stable temperature. It does not add unnecessary noise as well. The fans of the oil cooler are

Behind The Reason You Should Start Riding a Motorcycle

A motorcycle isn’t just something that moves you from one place to another – it’s truly an experience every time you ride it. Unlike anything I can think of, motorcycle changes you. You’re not just a guy or a girl with a motorcycle: you’re a rider. You feel cooler, because you ARE cooler. Motorcycle isn’t something you own, it’s something you do. You ride. Riding a motorcycle can turn daily commute into an adventure. Here are my 7 reasons to start riding a motorcycle.

1. Riding will help you to find your Zen

While riding a motorcycle on the road might be fun, it takes an incredible amount of concentration and focus. After all, you don’t have a protection of the car’s frame, the convenience of cup holders and the luxury to daydream while riding. Constantly monitoring your situation – speed, road ahead and body posture to name a few – serves as meditation that will surely clear you mind of the unnecessary thoughts. I have never once thought about that episode of Game of Thrones while riding. On motorcycle, you’ll find inner peace and become one with your bike.

2. Riding a motorcycle makes your daily commute easier

A lot of people

Tricks To Keep Your Motorbike

For your motorbike to last for long you need to take good care of it. To help you out here are the areas that you should focus on to ensure that your bike is in its best condition:

Engine oil

The engine oil lubricates your gears, engines and also keeps your engine cool. When the oil gets too thin it doesn’t lubricate the parts properly. It also doesn’t cool the engine properly. You should regularly change the oil to avoid damaging your engine. To ensure that you change the oil at the right time you should regular take your motorbike to the garage and have it checked. The owner’s manual also has a guide on how frequently that you should change it.

Motorbike tires

Motorbike tires not only determine how well you handle the motorbike, they also affect fuel consumption of the bike. When the tires are worn out you have a hard time controlling the bike. You also tend to consume more fuel. To be safe and consume less fuel, you should regularly check the tires for wear and tear. If they are badly worn out you should replace them.

Motorbike chain

If your motorbike has a chain you know how important it is.

The Types of Motorcycle Rider

There are two kinds of motorcycle riders: those who have had an accident, and those who will have an accident. Which one are you? Riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than other modes of transportation. The fatality rate is over 72 per 100,000 of registered motorcycles according statistics compiled by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Annually approximately 80 percent of cycle accidents involve death or a serious injury. As compared to cars and trucks, a cycle is much more dangerous: the figures are just over 20 per cent of vehicles involved in auto accidents involve a fatality or serious injury.

If you happen to have a super-sport motorcycle, your chances of being in an accident are four times more likely than if you are riding another type of motorcycle. Southern California freeways are notorious for serious motorcycle accidents. Heavy traffic, excess speeds and impatient drivers all add to the problem. Lane splitting doesn’t help. 900 Los Angeles area motorcycle accidents were analyzed in a study sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration entitled the “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures”. The findings are quite telling.

75% of all bike accidents involve another vehicle

25% of

Why You Need Automotive Filter Changes

Humans require clean, easy-to-breath air in order to live. And just like humans, vehicles also need to be able to “breathe” clean air in order to survive. While human lungs make it possible to breathe, a vehicle’s air filters do just the same. But after some time, they begin to accumulate mass amounts of dirt, debris, and other airborne particles, which eventually decreases their quality and function. For this reason, it is critical to have your vehicle’s engine and cabin air filters inspected and changed on a routine basis to promote safe and efficient driving. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of routine automotive filter changes.

Air Filters

Keep in mind that your car’s air filters are your first line of defense against irritating and obstructive airborne contaminants. Dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, exhaust gases, bacteria, and more are examples of airborne contaminants that have the ability to negatively affect the quality and performance of your engine and vehicle as a whole. And according to Community Car Care, there is a 1 in 5 chance that YOUR car needs an air filter change right now! Many drivers are guilty of overlooking this small but highly-necessary scheduled maintenance.

Engine Damage

The long

Tricks To Change The Oil And Oil Filter

Not all of us can be a master mechanic and perform every service our car needs, but knowing how to perform basic services to maintain your car both saves you money and improves safety. When you know how your car works, you are better equipped to assess issues and possibly fix them without feeling helpless. One of the most commonly performed at-home maintenance services and one of the most important things you can do to keep your car in good condition is changing the motor oil and oil filter. Doing this yourself is relatively inexpensive and easy.

Don’t Ignore The Owner’s Manual

If you’ve always wanted to learn how change your car’s oil and filter, this guide can help! Just remember to always reference your car’s owner’s manual for any vehicle-specific details. The mileage intervals when they need to be changed are listed in the owner’s manual. Also in the owner’s manual is the grade and amount of motor oil you’ll need, as well as any requirements for the filter.

Necessary Equipment

Here’s what you’ll need to be an at-home mechanic, at least as far as the oil change is concerned:

  • Motor oil
  • Oil filter
  • Socket wrench
  • Oil filter wrench, in case you can’t loosen it by

Finding Excellent Car Service Near You

The best car service is preventative, not patchwork. The last thing car owners need nowadays, with increasingly busy schedules, is frequent trips to the mechanic. It’s especially frustrating with easily fixed or recurring problems. Here are some tips to avoid breaking the bank the next time your vehicle breaks down.

Check Out Reviews First

With the spread of customer reviews on the internet, it’s quite easy for a consumer to find personal accounts of a business with a quick search. On occasion, reviews will be staged or not representative of the service, but a perusal of a range of reviews may give you a reasonable expectation of what to expect. An old fashioned review from a trusted friend – especially a car lover – never hurts, either. You can’t put a price on experience.

Shop Around

Most mechanics will offer free estimates. It helps to get the estimate for your car service on paper as proof. This document can also be used as leverage with other mechanics. Sometimes the cheapness of the price can suggest poor workmanship, but you certainly don’t want to be swindled.

Ask To See A Certification

ASE is the most common certification, and a trustworthy business should have no issue presenting

Tips Driving On Winter

Every Winter season, we see people on the news who have been hurt or killed due to hazardous winter driving conditions. When we’re out and about in our vehicles, the weather can change from minute to minute during any season, but especially during the Wintertime. If the conditions aren’t good, it’s always best to simply not drive, if at all possible. This is the best way to stay safe, but here are some tips for keeping safe if you absolutely must be on the road this Winter.

Get Weather Updates

Before you head out, it’s absolutely critical that you check the latest weather updates. You’ll get the most up to date weather if you check a weather app on your phone, tablet or other device. Try setting up the app to send you alerts when there are any advisories or warnings in your area. These alerts could save your life, or at least help you to avoid unnecessary problems.

You should also have a weather radio in your car, along with some extra batteries. A good weather radio will get a signal in areas where AM or FM signals may be quite weak. You’ll want to have a weather radio in case

Tips To Saving Your Fuel

We all love to complain about the price of fuel, and few of us understand the mysteries around the seemingly random increases and decreases in costs at the pump. There are things we can all do to improve our gas mileage, however, whether we drive a brand new car or an old beater. Take a look at these fuel saving tips and put some extra money in your pocket.

Tire Pressures

Get used to checking your tire pressures regularly, at least once a week. Under-inflated tires cause excessive rolling resistance which results in burning more fuel. Conversely, the right tire pressures will reduce rolling resistance and therefore use less fuel.

How heavy is your load?

It makes sense that if your vehicle is loaded down with stuff your car is going to have to work harder in order to run, which means that it will take more gas to operate. Obviously there will be times when this cannot be avoided. But there may be an accumulation of stuff in your car that doesn’t really need to be there all the time, such as sporting equipment or tire chains. Lighten your load as often as possible and enjoy the perks of fuel saving.

Watch your

Take Care Your Vehicle for Winter

Windshield Wipers and Fluid – Fog, snow and rain will cut down your visibility in winter, causing you to use your wiper blades and washer fluid much more than normal. An antifreeze solution along with winter wiper blades will help to fight ice build-up. Keeping extra windshield washer solvent on hand is helpful too!

Battery – A thorough inspection of your battery, cables, terminals and fluid will help to make sure your car is ready for winter. The cold weather puts more stress on your battery. Many automotive parts stores will test your battery capacity free of charge.

Inspect Your Tires – If you’re not mounting winter tires on your vehicle, be sure to examine your current tires for remaining tread life, uneven wearing and cupping as well as checking the sidewalls for cuts and nicks to help you to know if your tires are ready for the harsh weather. The colder weather will also reduce the pressure within your tires, causing them to perform poorly in the snow. You should frequently check your tire pressures.

Coolant – Along with regulating the engine temperature, a vehicle’s coolant system is responsible for protecting your engine against corrosion. For the winter season you will